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How Does Meal Prep Work ? 

  • All orders must be placed by 3pm Monday

  • Please include pick up or delivery(address if delivery) & phone number along with your order

  • You may choose from pre made menu or our freezer ready menu.

  • Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your meal choice and the total price for your order.  

  • We Will Confirm Your Order by 6:00pm on Monday, if you do not get confirmation then we did not receive your order. 

  • We currently accept cash, check or payments via Venmo / Paypal. 

What is it? 

Take the day off and let us do the cooking for you!


The Turano family knows what its like to be too busy to cook. Between practices, rehearsals, work and more it felt like there was never enough time to prepare a meal. After scrambling to put a meal together in time we decided to always have our sauce, soups and other meals readily available to in our freezer and now you can too! Every Sunday you can place your order for a full dinner or just what you need and it will be availble for pick up or delivery. Everything will be packaged so that all you have to do is heat it up, or leave it in your freezer for another day! You can email or call to place your order and are able to order from our freezer ready and catering menu. We hope you enjoy our food as much as we do! 


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