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Pat Turano owner of Turano Kitchen has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant / catering industry. At just 18 after graduating high school he opened his first pizzeria, Casa Turano. From there he opened, ran, and sold many restaurants and pizzerias including Palazzo, Parma Grill, and his most recent, Trattoria Rustica. Pat has catered everything from weddings to small office luncheons, has been a private chef for more intimate parties, and arranged wine pairings with his food and supplied tables, chairs and a full staff for holiday parties. Last year he won a competition on Restaurant Impossible with Gordon Ramsey. When asked about why he loves what he does he said " I love creating new dishes, its a lot about making people happy for me."


Phone  973-986-5529


-Delivery Available 

-If you are looking to host a private party please contact us via email or phone. We offer:


-On site chef to prepare your meal at your home or venue.


- Deliver trays for large parties.


- We will put togeter a custom menu to fit all of your needs. 


Additional Services: 

-Chair, table, and rental of all of your party needs. 

- Bartenders, waiters 

- Set up and clean up crew

-Wine Pairings

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