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We want to make your busy weeks a little less stressful. With our service you can order food for the entire week or just a night or two. No cooking or cleaning pots and pans for you everyday of the week. Stock up on sauces and other items so you always have the option to whip up a quick meal. 


* Orders must be made by Sunday night and can be picked up or delivered for an additional charge on Tuesday.


Private Parties: 

If you are looking to cater a party or gathering at your home or venue we will work with you to create the perfect menu.




​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Paypal is a safe service where you will not have to share your credit card or personal information with us! It is just like swiping your card and the money is transferred to us.

Returns & Refunds


We do not offer returns or refunds unless you receive the wrong order (which we hope will never happen).


How Do I Place An Order?


Email or Call in your orders. 

Payment and Shipping


Payments are made through paypal, cash, check and shipping is done in a more casual fashion... We will have an employee deliver it straight to your doorstep between a certain time or you can pick it up.. We will not be sending your homecooked meals through FedEx or UPS!


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